Samurai Wars version 13

The update version 13 has now been submitted to the app store approval queue, and it contains a few unit command gesture improvements. Movement arrows are visualized more clearly. And there’s now a unit facing indicator, a small triangle, that shows you which way a unit is facing. Just tap and drag it to rotate the unit to face another direction. For missile units within range of enemy units, the indicator changes to a timer that indicates that a unit is reloading/aiming. Once again, tap and drag this indicator if you want to target a specific enemy unit. It’s even possible to have the unit hold fire – just tap and drag from the indicator to the unit itself.


24 thoughts on “Samurai Wars version 13

  1. The update has now been released. Please test and let me know what you think. Report crashes and other problems here too.

    • Thank you a lot you should hire a lot of worker to help and grow you really cool game have a good day and thank you again

    • It’s a fun game and love it but it crashes when i play turn base online and cant seem to find real time online players. Thers an accoshanal crash when playing in offline mode. If u want u can contact me and I can give u more detailed instructions on what is happening :!!

  2. This update has made tactical control become so easy a caveman could do it. Many people, including myself, are wondering if u are putting any thought into a campaign. Thank you for keeping this game free and ad free. If u need any ideas just let the community know we’re more than wiling to help.

    • Yes, I am thinking about a campaign mode. If done right, it could be extremely fun and challenging, and would provide the proper context for battles. But I want to find the right scope and balance between realism and playability. And it will be writing a complete game in itself, so currently it is only a long term goal. There are still some tactical pieces of the puzzle missing that would be required for campaigns, such as castles and siege battles and other terrain features.

  3. I really like the update but i find the line that shows where you are going is very annoying, it feels like its in the way because it is so big. I feel that it should be smaller so its not in the way, does any one else find the line that shows where you are going too big?

      • Sir don’t hear there careless fooledery talk take step with the little bugs first to help out the enemy in the game not running away, and the map sanity. I work for happy wheels working on the bugs and made two charcters. Now you my tips

  4. This is an amazing game but with a little work you can make it even better maybes some better graphics or new maps but so far it’s awesome

  5. This game has to be my favourite game on the ipad, reminds me of the total war series. The basic mechanics of this game is solid but it lacks appeal and variety for gamers leading to people to battle hard to find. These are some ideas which you might consider to enhance and make people wanting to play this game. The more people playing the more fun it will be.
    1. Campaign mode
    2.Custom battle for multiplayer, AI and offline- players can choose there units and the make a currency system where you have a set amount of money to spend on units and upgrading them.
    3. More maps, more unit types, Terrain affects, more movement/action
    Command for units but keep it simple, simplicity is always better in my view
    4. Game modes, free for all, 2vs2, siege battles
    5. In built rank system within the game
    6. Chat system in battles
    7. Make each unit type more distinguishable by using colour or banners, more faction colours besides red and blue
    8. Spectate mode
    9.If this game is successful you should consider other empires or historical periods as another separate game (series) e.g rome,Greece,Seleucids, Carthaginians.

    I know these ideas are huge by this games standards but incorporating ideas mentioned above will make this games one of the best games out there. thank you for keeping this game free.Keep the updates and ideas coming and i have no doubt this game will be successful

  6. Since total war made shogun and you soilder Japan just make a chinas capain so it’s copied rided and pay hurdred of thousands of dollars

  7. i believe that you should do two things, first, try to make the melees slower. they literally last 5 seconds and you dont have time to bring in your cavalry from the flanks or do any other such tactical manouvere. secondly, the damage archers do, especially to samurai should be lessened since they have armour , an archer could easily make kebabs out of your samurai in a few seconds. otherwise i find everything nice

  8. Good comments and suggestions everyone.

    I’ve submitted an update that fixes two crashes, one that occurred infrequently during gameplay when tracking movement paths, and another one when ending offline real-time games.

  9. Im not for upgrading your units (armys) because that totally defeats the purpose of this game. It defeats the purpose because this game is about outstratigiesing your opponent by out thinking them. That’s what makes this game so unique. I dont want to play someone that has a total unfair advantage because they’ve upgraded their units so high, well thats my opinion i hope everyone understands.

    • Yes, the idea of a fair fight is critical. The simple solution is to have equal armies and symmetric terrain. But I also think it that customizing or upgrading an army (and having asymmetric terrain / fortifications) can add to the gameplay. The trick is to accomplish this while keeping the game fair.

  10. i prefer giving each player an equal number of points to form an army and they could spend them on creating a custom army for a battle

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