Samurai Wars Update 27 Beta

I plan to start the new beta next week (featuring custom maps, fixing matchmaking issues and more). I’ll post here as soon as it is ready for action.


I’m still wresting with some interesting technological challenges. The beta is coming as soon as I’ve solved these.

65 thoughts on “Samurai Wars Update 27 Beta

  1. This game is amazing just plz fix when ur men touch the side of the map they don’t die unless they r retreating

    For example I set my horses to attack archers they run away and when the archers leave the map so so my horses bc it kills them. Plz fix it

      • I don’t think it should be fixed actually, leave it as it is , it adds to strategy and micromanagemnet. Players should have to take that into account, makes them practice management instead of autopilot. If they commit without stopping their units there should be a consequence. Just my opinion :) . Keep up the good work

        • Good points there, you know more about this game than me :) There will not be any auto piloting, the central design philosophy is that players are in control of all tactical decisions. I have some things on the to-do list with the morale system. Low moral units (ashigaru) shouldn’t be able to rally too many times, and there could be a distinction between temporarily and permanently routed units. Similarly low moral units (with a more narrow view of battle) could be more prone to pursuing routed units. Also there’s currently no modeling of fatigue, a very important factor that will change the flow of battle considerably.

      • Can you fix the red screen? i have galaxy s 3 and I have red screen i mean I can see things but the screen is filtered red. Unless I pull down the tool tip on top of the cellphone screen or open the leader boards. I can send you the screen shot of mine. Please

      • I can not figure out how to talk on the game no matter wht I press. Makes difficult when playing 2v2. Any idea how to get around tht? Also once in awhile game will freeze and go black and I have to turn phone off in order to play again. Other than than I love the concept of game and how all aspects of stragety are controlled by player. Game has great potential

        • You should be able to chat with the upper left button. What device do you have?

          • Straight tlk Android. I press tht button and no keyboard pops up to type on. Just gives me the flashing line sayin I can start typing there

          • It won’t let me message either. I press the message button then the keyboard pops up. But how do I send? I’m on android phone.

          • I’ll add this to the things to investigate and fix for the upcoming beta. You can try rotating the device as a workaround.

    • Please fix unit stacking, no strategy at all when they put their entire army into one small space and your army flees at the sight of it.

      • Yes, in the upcoming beta I will work on the battle simulation, improving stacking, morale, etc.

    • Yes and also could there be an improvement of the home screen such as background picture and more organized gui?

  2. And a big thanks to Elias Luukanen, my first patron on Patreon! With enough supporters I could work full-time on Samurai Wars.

  3. Great game, very simple yet fun to play. I think a battle between 3/4 armies would be wicked! Also if you added a point scheme before each game starts so you spend points on different types of soliders and determine not how many of each type.

  4. I do not find how to start a two player vs game in the new version, did this feature disappeared?
    Regards and anyway, thank you for this wonderful game

    • If you mean two-player split-screen mode, it has been removed. It was cool but somewhat difficult to maintain. The thinking is that it is now just as easy to invite and play another person over the network, and that screen estate is usually a more scarce resource than number of devices.

  5. Samurai Warriors is a great game, I think this game have a great potential in the future. But I have a few suggestions for this game. For the maps I think the size is perfectly fine but could have some tweaks on the details! Also realism and how the troops go up and down hills. Such as slowness for going up hills and increases in speed going down hills. For the troops I think you should add formations for the troops. Depending on the type a troop they are. most important a buff in the graphics, to make you feel like you’re actually in the game.
    Ps:Adrian R.

    • Agreed. The game is still work in progress, there are many missing features to add.

  6. I just wanted to say that a report system might be nice. I just played a game with a guy who was obviously hacking. No matter what I did I could kill any of his men. When I called him out on it his men started dying again. Just something to consider. Other than that your game is amazing and fun to play.

    • Hmm, invincibility is most likely caused by a hard-to-track-down networking bug. It could be that some players are exploiting this bug, but usually it’s just incidental. But please report any observations to help me fix it.

  7. I really like the game, it is amazing and it’s the only game of its kind on mobile devices, but if you could make it so we could zoom in on the soilders a little more that would be Great! And make it easier to turn your troops in a different direction would also be great. But I give this game an A+

  8. I’m new to the game, great game but I don’t know what units are better than other and like weaknesses and strengths of anybody could help much appreciated

  9. It’s good now that there is army reation,but is there any way that you can group or split up units into a maximim of a 2 unit combined force ( obviously cant combine all units that will take out the strategical sense oc this game) I know that micromanaging is a part of this game but when planning for war sometimes army divisions work as one while heading for a waypoint is it somehow possible to combine an archer division with a swordsmen division ?

    If the general tells his swordsmen to defend the division and that you do not need to chase the hosemen running away shouldnt then the leutenant or the captain of the division follow that order ? I think It could also be safer for the archers who are weak against horses to travel in sync with another division for protection, unlike when you do it all manually there will be quite a gap between the archers and its bodyguards and that can really delay the march to a strategic location. I think that if you add this feature it will lessen the tactical sense of this game( like the division management , a job usually left to the leutenants on order which were given pre battle) to heighten the strategic sense , which envolves looking at the entire map and planing on how to defeat your enemy with either better terrain or large scale maneuvering. I think grouping 2 units into 1 could be done by huddling up together than double tapping one , 1 unit on one side , the next in the other side. Just my thoughts on this im not demanding or anything , my issue is to just find a more realistic way on how these battles take place.And again , just my thoughts not a demand xD

    Ps. I hadnt been playing for awhile and i was astonished on how well this game has progressed, i beleive that it has a long way to go. Thank you very much for producing such a womderful game.

    • Yes, both grouping and advanced orders would be interesting features to have. Need to think carefully about the user interface though, so that it doesn’t become too hard to understand or use.

  10. Hey I have a few ideas and they may have already been posted and I just haven’t noticed so please bare with me and reply what you think of them Felix.

    * Artillery – Units,Benefits and Downsides.

    Ballista – These would have a range a little longer then the average archer but not as wide. They can take out two soldiers a fire. They should have slower reload then archers and should be damaged easily. These also after defeated shouldn’t be re-usable.

    Medieval Cannon – They take out 5-7 soldiers in a unit depending if it hits or not. They should have a REALLY slow reload. There movement speed should be very slow. Also long range.

    Catapult – Same as the cannon but faster reload speed and faster movement speed.

    *Archer Update – Reload and fire speed should only talk two quick seconds.

    *Horsemen Update – They should have a knockdown effect and should be slowed down more while ramming into pikemen.

    *Grouping I want to be able to select all of my units and keep them all in formation while marching forward. Like it takes longer to get everyone to a place then on Total War for instance. I have to keep going back and fixing the formation and sending troops back over there. This leaves me vulnerable.

    *Alliances/Clans I want us to be able to form Clans so my friends and I are connected better on the game.

    *Siege battles like total war.

    Thanks for taking your time and reading.

    • Cool idea, but ancient Japan didn’t have those (artillery), but still would be nice to have.

    • for archers, they should just have a fire at will option, because if you think realistically, they may reload in two seconds, but the unit captain needs to give the order to fire first.

  11. Oh, Ungman , im sorry to bother you again but i was wondering if theres a chance to have 4 generals in a coalition battle ?(2 generals each side ) I was wondering if it would be realistic to have control of half the army without being a general , just an idea thats ringing in my brain. And if two people control seperate armies shouldnt his men not be affected by the morale drop of other units ? (Well… thats if the commander is a great speaker.)

    Just my thoughts .thank you for the great game xD

    • You’re right. In a few updates you will be able to customize your army, and buy/upgrade units. It makes sense that each player can have his/her own general unit, in battles where several allied armies are working together as a team. Morale calculations would need to take this into account.

  12. Not to annoy you. But do you k ow when you when or when you would want to release the next update? And what would be added with to the game when it comes

    • Oh, np, I’m not that easily annoyed :) Coding is easy but it takes time, and always more than expected (Hofstadter’s Law). There will be a web version coming up and there will be custom maps and after that custom armies.

  13. Interesting. Im sure the web version would help allot of is who would rather play this game than do an english project( thats me hehe). An update for army customization would also be thrilling because this gives them the sense of army management and preparation. In addition to that, customization also affects the tactics ( or strategy) the player uses for a map.

    This game is getting more and more realistic.

  14. I don’t know if it was just a glitch but I was playing a 2v2 and the other team had all of their units, but me and my partner only had one unit of katana,and one unit of cavalry katana

    • It’s a known networking glitch, I’m trying to track it down. If it happens again you can try to leave and rejoin the match to get all units back.

  15. Um I’m very new to your game and I’d love to start testing your beta.
    Could you please invite me to test flight?

  16. Can there be a 3v3 or 4v4 even a free for all. This would be quite good for the game for more epic battles and more fun.

  17. I absolutely love this game! Here is some suggestions/things you should be aware of.
    First up troops move slower when they arent targeting enemies this isnt good because it makes manouvering troops hard especially when it comes to cav charges.
    Siege battles!
    Single/multiplayer campaing?
    Gustom armies and maps.
    Friend system.
    Oh and last but not least is there any way to donate to you because id like to support development of such and awesome game. Keep up the good work :)

    • All good suggestions. I’m still focusing on implementing the underlying core framework to make all of this possible and more. I’m hoping to be able to start the new beta soon.

  18. Hey Felix I’m interested in creating apps. Do you know of a free IDE for doing so?

  19. Great game… All I can say is to keep adding and adding and adding…. So much more you can do like add new troops, more maps, and just better features…

  20. Okay, so I was looking for a total war concept game on an apple product, and this was a good substitute. One thing I hope you can add is a campaign with like 2 factions to choos from and having battles with ai. I might be asking too much for the campaign but a campaign and better multiplayer would be awesome with like special types of units for each type of faction. For controls I hope you can make it easier to aim your archers and move troops. I hope u see this and make this an awesome game even if you don’t add any of this.

    • I plan to continually improve the game, and some sort of campaign mode is definitely a long-term goal.

  21. Hey just curious if you have any info on when the new update will be out. And this is my favorite game for my iphone

    • I’ve been caught up in some research and restructuring. Will have some info for you soon.

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