Samurai Wars Update 25

The new update is now live. New stuff in this version:

  • added deployment phase.
  • improved network stability and performance.
  • updated sounds.

The deployment phase is a first small step towards improved customization. Try it out and let me know what you think. I’ve also fixed some networking issues that could be causing glitches like invincibility or missing units. If you’re still seeing glitches, please report and I’ll investigate.

38 thoughts on “Samurai Wars Update 25

  1. Unit picking is the next big feature I’m working on. This being a hobby project, I have no planned dates. There will be a beta as soon as it is complete enough to be tested in the field.

    • Yes, yes, but where does a brand new player learn how the game functions? super basics. How can I get my archers to fire? What’s the dot? Arrow? Under practice it’s not at all user friendly.

  2. Very exciting game. A bit clumsy for my smartphone. Its not the best phone:D Giving more differenciated Orders to the Units would be great. The Archers always charge into melee when focusing on enemy troops. Thats a bit annoying. But these vectorlike movement orders are great, sir!
    Well done

  3. How do I sign out of beta testing because the update is out? I don’t really know how to use TestFlight.

  4. Deployment is a bit buggy sometimes I get sometimes I don’t can you fix this plz. Also can you make it go longer plz

  5. Please fix the bug when you try to go on a mountain some men are stuck at the bottom

  6. This is the best real time strategy game on iTunes but you make units get completely wiped out instead of having them run away

      • Should I have given you my email address that my Apple ID is linked to? If so this is it. And testflight said I need to click the link in the invitation email and I didn’t see one.

  7. Actually never mind that I found the invitation email. But now I try to open it in test flight and it says expired

  8. I woukd also like to sign up for beta testing (Ios). My device is a bit outdated but it should still do the job.

  9. Is it normal for me to lose a 2v1 battle? I had spearmens with the aid of archers take on cavalries but not a single one the cavalries died. It made me quite mad…

    • I don’t know, but there has been a network related bug where some units become invincible. I’ve fixed some causes for this bug, but there might be cases where it still can occur. All reports of bugs and glitches are welcome, so that I can track down and fix them.

  10. I would like to be a beta tester. Please add me to the list. I have an iPhone 5s.

    • There will be an update within a few days containing new sound tracks and some minor fixes. After that I will start a new beta that will contain new functionality.

        • Is there an error message? Are you running iOS 8? Try uninstalling the app and then reinstall again.

  11. 5/18/15. 7:25 pm Midwest time

    The game won’t connect to the server , idk why , please fix if you can
    – thanks

  12. You should put more units in as well like chariots and heavy artillery or that??

    • Yes, a medieval or an ancient mod would definitely require those kind of units.

  13. I’m not quite sure how this works, but is this where I ask to be a part of the beta? I’m sorry if I seem incompetent…

    • Yes, you have been added as a tester and should get an invite email soon.

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