Samurai Wars Update 25 Beta

This update is a small step forward feature-wise, and will introduce the deployment phase. When the match starts you will notice that there is now a deployment zone. Initially units are invisible to the enemy and can instantly be moved around within that area. Units become deployed once they move outside the deployment zone, which itself will shrink and eventually disappear (currently after a period of 45 seconds).Beta25-A
I’m still tuning this feature, it’s not final, so please try it out and provide feedback on Facebook or Google+.

How to start a match with deployment: With the beta you can play both old-style matches (without deployment) and new ones. The new ones are marked “beta”, like this:Beta25-B
Only beta testers will be able to see the beta matches in the match list.

How to install the beta on Android: Just join the Google+ group and you’ll automatically get access to the latest beta.

How to install the beta on iPhone and iPad: As of february 2015 the good old TestFlight won’t work the way it did before, and there’s a new TestFlight app for installing beta versions on iOS. I will be adding all currently registered testers to the new TestFlight system. If you are a new tester, just leave a comment here (with your address in the e-mail field) and I will add you too as a tester. Once invited, you will get an email with further instructions.Beta25-CUse the TestFlight app to install the beta version of Samurai Wars (indicated by a yellow dot). The beta is supposed to be fully backward compatible with existing versions, but if you want to revert for any reason, don’t panic, just install the good old Samurai Wars app again from the App Store.

How to sign in to Game Center with the beta: Because the beta is a beta you will need to activate the Game Center Sandbox, using the checkbox in the Settings app. Beta25-D

Note that your Sandbox account is not the same as your regular Game Center account, even though you are using the same Apple ID.

52 thoughts on “Samurai Wars Update 25 Beta

  1. I do like the idea of the deployment phase, all good strategy games have one. But it never seems to work for me when i join a match. We just go straight into the fighting.

    • According to Wikipedia: “falling is the second leading cause of accidental death worldwide and is a major cause of personal injury”. Although I suspend the environment of medieval japan was slightly different and I think the simulation should be improved to better model the conditions of that era.

  2. Hey ungman dude you are really rocking it, still dedicated to the game after such a long time and I’m looking forward to another year of it..but maybe a change to the gameplay up next? Small things with big impacts…such as, disabling the action units perform when killing off an enemy. Perhaps instead of chasing the enemy to the edge of the map, where players might forget them and lose them to the edge of the map, you have them chase for maybe a second or so and then halt. This would smoother out the playing field, instead of it being chaos and units running around, the player trying to keep it all in would help so much and I believe answer the prayers of many old time players

    • Yes gameplay has been a little neglected. There are a lot of small things that need to be addressed, like routing & pursuit, introducing fatigue, etc. I’m planning a more thorough rework of the game mechanics later on, but I’ll see if there are some quick fixes for the most annoying issues.

      • Looking forward to it! There are loads of things in store for this piece of art you have. I really recommend checking out this game “galcon 2” on iOS. I’m almost certain if you look at the format of chats and matches you will get some great ideas, as far as gameplay well this is a one of a kind for iOS. Best of luck Felix. Thank you for making this game.

    • Yeah, sorry, it is more work than I initially thought getting things right. It’s coming, but I don’t know when just yet.

  3. Hey Felix, I`m reporting a a glitch where no matter how good your internet is, you always have lots of lag when typing in the chat. It`s not game-play related but still very annoying, thanks for listening, Ben

    • Thanks for reporting. I’m aware that there still are some networking glitches in there, and I’m working right now on fixing those issues.

  4. I would love to be a beta tester! I already have test flight for another app.

  5. Hey, I would like to be a beta tester. My friend showed me this game and I really enjoy it.

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