Samurai Wars update 21

The iOS version is now live, Android version to follow during next week. I expect to be doing some server tuning the next couple of days. I’ve already found some glitches and will continue to work on fixing whatever comes up. (Note: the leaderboard has temporarily been disabled in this update. There will be a unified rating across iOS and Android to be released in the coming weeks.)


Apparently there’s currently a server side glitch that is causing occasional server restarts and consequent client crashes. We have top men working on it right now.


Alright, the problem with server restarts has now been fixed.

5 thoughts on “Samurai Wars update 21

  1. In the next update, could you let the players choose the units they want to use and the map?

    • There’s a maintenance update coming up probably next week, that fixes a few stability issues. And after that, custom maps and units will be the main focus for the upcoming updates.

  2. I love this game it’s a really unique one as far as I see and it brings total war to the tablet/phone but what I would really love to see is maybe a campaign and different factions to play as as well as some buildings or fortifications that might spice up combat a little bit more thank you for your time and I hope to see these things soon

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