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As I’ve come to realise there’s no quick fix for matchmaking, I’ve decided to take the time to do a proper redesign and reimplementation. The update will feature a complete list of all games in progress. You’ll be able to quickly join a game with a single tap on a free slot in game list. You can reserve slots by inviting players as before (but without the annoying and unreliable notification popups). There’s a single unified lobby so you’ll be able to chat and play matches across both iOS and Android devices. The new design will also be prepared to take on more advanced features in future updates (such as custom maps/armies, more that four participants, and spectators).

All basic functionality is now working, but there’s still some work to do on reliability and performance. I’ll get back as soon as it’s ready for public beta.

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  1. That’s great one thing as you make this game even better can you please change the creepy music.

    Ps : it scarse the crap out of me

  2. Thanks for understanding the issues we’re faced with out here in the “real” world. It’s been tough lately getting to play. Anyway, could you easily explain the reason why some troops rout so quickly when attacking or rout when you clearly have the advantage? Thanks again for the cool game! Sfishy3

  3. They get scared when they see other units routing in their direction or near them.

  4. That’s right, unit morale is influenced by nearby units. But the algorithm is fairly simple-minded and there might be situations where the result isn’t as realistic as it should be. (I’m planning to go through and work in simulation model improvements in future updates.)

      • I will need to implement a way to save replays, so that it’s easy to go back and examine what went wrong.

        • I notjced something in online play, whenever the opponent discknnectsm the replay slide becoms an availible tool. I dont know if thid was a development glitch, but you can replay the battle to see what happened when they disconect. I dint kniw if this also active after winning or losing however. Note you cannot save those replays.

  5. Can u add a feature that allows us to pick our own units that we want to fight with and a feature that allows us to pick the map we want to fight in i think that the way the unit picking system would work great if they cost a certain amount of points but u could earn points by winning and loosing matches and to new players that have not played a maych should be given a certain amount of points to be able to make an army and fight this might also create a ranking system between us players set on experience

      • How do you hope to go about this game? Will it remain free to play? Or will it be at a cost, but with the be wickets of a game with limited play restriction, as in I don’t have to buy points to play even tho I bought the game. Or will it keep it’s free to play liberty of a custom army and map, yet loose, and unrestricted gameplay?

        • Interesting questions. So far the game has been kind of proof-of-concept, trying out what’s possible and how to solve certain technological problems. As I’m moving to my own matchmaking infrastructure I will need to cover the server and development costs. I’m still thinking about the details, but I intend to keep the basic game free to play, ad free, and some form of premium services. Basic gameplay will remain loose and unrestricted, but with the possibility of customised scenarios.

          • I’m eager to see how it goes, I seriously discourage a service that requires payment to continue playing, so many apps have be ridiculed for it tho they do make a pretty check, it’s not the best way to be looked at, a good premium service, in my opinion, would be tactical upgrades, people might find it fair to pay for the ability to cloak troops once in battle, or when they head into the forest, such and such. Longer bow range, the ability to shoot over hills more effectively etc. be sure to have a limited grind or upgrade system tho :) and to be fair to yourself, I don’t think many people will argue with ads. They are common, and if you do it right, not bothersome. Plus it might be an alternative to too some premium services rah players would deem unfair. Thx for bein in touch, and for listening to us all!

  6. Hey, thoughts on the chat. Really I’m slowly becoming tired of it. It’s bully, and
    Hard to keep up with, I was playing a PC game the other day, the chat was actually on one side, and without an outline. The lettering was basic, and it was easy to read, the screen allowed it to show up to 3 previous messages, and made them at a rather smal, but still visible sighti would recommend something like this, or at least keep the chat that’s alreDy here, but with a scroll option…

  7. How about some AI? Just an idea but artificial intelligence would be a great idea, and about the sieges, I’ve seen a lot of people commenting about this, and it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, just some ideas though

    • Yes, AI and buildings/castles/bridges/etc are all good ideas (as well as better path finding). I’m taking one step at a time, and currently the focus is on multiplayer and matchmaking.

      • Yea I apologize for being so quick on thought about future updates. Keep it at your pace and we will be sure to rage, or fanboy/girl about the next update. Though with every update, I’m reminded your still working on this, and still making an effort. So I fanboy about it all :D

  8. hey um you should make this game like total war I’m really sorry about making another point about future updates but the matchmaking works fine it just takes a little bit tell people to be patient but you need to be Game Center friends with whoever you want to verse. P.S. please put ads in so you can get money from this game and make the updates even slightly faster as some of my friends are getting bored but I’m trying to get more people to play this game.

  9. Matchmaking is pretty much void atm mqn, if you havent noticed, players really just add people to the friends list, and invite them to a game, pretty much all the people thst play often, dont even touch the matchmaking option. Don’t know what you could do with that inforkatiin, but letting you know thats what everyone is doing, and thise thwt arent, well no ones on the matchmaking q so :/
    Good luck with the rest.

  10. Yes I realised that the 1v1 work perfectly but with 3 or more players it doesn’t work so well…

  11. Also with the next update you need to make a help or tutorial because I always need to tell people how it works.

  12. Felix does is it help if I advertisethis game a lot?
    please put somthing that costs or some advertisements but do not I repeat do not put advertisements on the screen when you are in a battle.

    • Don’t worry, I’m not putting ads in and wouldn’t dream of polluting the battle screen. It’s hard enough to utilise screen space on a mobile device as it is, without ad frames. Anything that would distract from the core game play is out of question.

      Also when I said free to play, I don’t mean free-to-play as in dungeon keeper or even clash of clans. Although I haven’t actually played those games, I’m certain that that’s not the model I have in mind.

      • ok but do you want me to help get more people to play this game cause I definitly can and I would be more than happy to also I would be very happy if you put somthing like you have a certain amount of points for your army not able to get more so no one has any advanages but so you can choose your own army this is not meant for this update unless you want to.

        • So far I’ve not actively promoted the game because I’ve been working on the core architecture and have not felt it was ready for a wider audience just yet. But after the next update I will move on to custom maps and armies and also focusing on attracting more players.

  13. A problem I’ve noticed a lot is that some people disconnect if they realize they are about to lose in frustration. Would it be possible to implement some way to discourage this? Also, personally I would prefer lobby ads to paying for perks. The game atm is a wonderful pure clash of wits and it seems like giving people who can pay advantages would really detract from the spirit of the game. Thanks for the amazing game!

    • The idea to fix disconnects is to 1) let the game continue even if players disconnect, and 2) let players reconnect to disconnected games.

      Sometimes people disconnect on purpose but I think that bad network conditions is a common cause as well. So the goal is to fix both problems as well as making networking more robust in the first place.


      Yes, Pay-to-Win is out of the question.

  14. I assume a sort of a.i. program would initiate upon disconnect? Following a set of preset tactics based on where the units were left?

  15. Oh, are you sure you’ll have it going to a point where spectators and 4+ players in the future? Downloading the current events in a match of four sometimes stresses the game.

    • I don’t know yet, but it’s exactly what I’m investigating right now. It takes a lot of tweaking and tuning and 100 milliseconds can make the difference between smooth play and total lag.

      • You’re right. Best of luck with it. There’s just so much, apparently, for you to work on. I think that you’re working to better the gameplay is moreso important than most others. What fun is the struggle of getting four people to join a match if one randomly discinnects at the start? Or glitches his units to hell and beyond?

        • Also, matchmaking, might not want that to be your first priority matchmaking works with preppie waiting in the Q for someone to join the game. You said earlier that the game wasn’t ready for a bigger audience. That said, maybe the top priorities at the moment are gameplay and format. I do believe most are very comfortable with the friend/invite system. But not comfortable with the chat, player slot format, and the occasional glitch in game. Maybe matchmaking is something to worry about when you have a larger active audience. Unless there is something wrong with the system?

  16. hey um I still think matchmaking is the first priority because it is really annoying sometimes when you are trying to do a 2v2 and when you acctually get to fight in a 2v2 it is epic I think it is a good idea to make 4+ players because that would just make it amazing and also sometimes when you are doing a match (any amount of players) it takes ages to load. and spectators is a really good idea cause sometimes there is no one to fight and I get kinda bored waiting so it would be a very good feature to put that in.

    • Of course, you’re making good points. But as your last statement said clearly, sometimes there is no one to play with, and rarely does on get a 2v2 matchmaking, without some sort of coordination in the chat. Which is difficult enough. Hence the format of the game, chat, and player slotting.

  17. it has become nearly impossible to get a game going even when there are plenty of eager players. I certainly hope this is being adressed. still love the game play but what good is it if I cant get a game . please fix it

    • It’s summer time and I’m not moving at full speed, but rest assured fixing this is number one priority.

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