Samurai Wars update 20

The update is now live.

Just to clarify, the user interface is new, but the underlying network protocol still uses GameCenter. I intend to make further networking improvements in coming updates. But for the next update, it’s custom maps.


I’ve now had a few online games with the new update. Although it’s possible to find games I’m noticing that the matchmaking is far too unstable. It should just work! But it doesn’t, so I need to go to the bottom of this problem and make it top priority to really fix this.

24 thoughts on “Samurai Wars update 20

  1. Update looks really and I like how you’ve implemented kill count in practice mode it’s like survival mode, is there any sort of leaderboard for practice mode? Love your work Felix keep the ideas and update coming:)

  2. Also when I try to invite people I can’t scroll up or down or search by using a search bar, it only shows me names from m-n can you fix this please. I can’t see whose online or how long ago they were online which Game Center had. Besides that update is really good

  3. Love the game you should make a campain like total war and make it so we can make are own army’s I also notes in multiplayer on the same device your opponents screen is upside down please fix this keep the updates coming.

    • I completely agree with him Felix. If you implemented this in Samurai Wars and made us able to choose a variety of units. This game would become the best game on the apple store.

      • Absolutely, first matchmaking has to be made completely reliable, then I’ll take on custom maps and armies.

  4. Unable to use practice mode (need directions on where to navigate?)

    Unable to connect to other users online.

    User scrolling doubles up names

  5. Hey Felix,
    It’s Nova here. An idea I came up with was to have siege battles. Maybe a small town needs to be defended or a big castles/city. Just an idea, what do you think?

    • The initial focus has been on symmetric meeting engagements. But in the next couple of updates I’ll implement custom maps and armies. And once there are buildings and castles it will be possible to do proper siege battles. Fortifications are powerful defence weapon systems, so they probably need to be balanced with some new offensive systems as well, such as flaming arrows, scaling ladders and maybe siege towers. It’s interesting to note how the japanese sieges differ from european ones, who employed cannons and catapults to greater extent (yes, a european module that accurately represents this would be really fun, and also an ancient one with romans, greeks etc too). And for strategic campaigns, fortifications are very central for defending your territories. But that is a little more long term.

      • It would be cool if you can just fight CPU like in the setup in online multiplayer. I know there is practice mode but they just respawn, I know your busy and I don’t want to complain about this. I appreciate you for reading this

        • All feedback is welcome. I agree, there are many ways the you can improve solo play. Artificial intelligence is a very interesting topic. Writing a really good AI could be a tough challenge, and it would be really fun to tackle this once some of the other required components are stable enough.

          • Do you know when the next update will be coming out?

            On a side note, I’m taking a programming course in high school and I am working right now with c+. If you even need a “side helper” I am more than happy to help. My professor has a masters in computer programming and I can ask him questions whenever about this game.

  6. So when do you think this matchmaking problem will be fixed?

    • I’m rewriting portions of the matchmaking and aiming for a beta build next week.

  7. Hey Felix, I got my account information fixed and the game is doing well for even in matchmaking. And that’s with lesser IOS than 6.0 :) glad to be back in the game ty for making it great

  8. Hey Felix, I got my account information fixed and the game is doing well for even in matchmaking. And that’s with lesser IOS than 6.0 :) glad to be back in the game. And thanks for making this game so great! I’m impressed!

  9. Novarisk wrote:
    >On a side note, I’m taking a programming
    >course in high school and I am working right
    >now with c+. If you even need a “side helper”
    >I am more than happy to help.

    Absolutely. I’ve sent you an email. And if anyone else is interested, let me know.

  10. I haven’t been on in a while but I played yesterday and loved the new features. Please keep up the good work Felix.

  11. Felix, samurai wars is totally awesome!!! I put five stars in the AppStore. Of course it could use some work but it’s great! But sometime it gets a little bland. That would be that ONLY bad thing. Thx for the great app!

  12. Multiplayer keeps disconnecting and you cant find anyone on auto match please fix.

  13. When is the new update available? This game has so much potential to be one of the best out there but unfortunately it’s next to unusable at the minute.

    • Yes, I know, auto-match is currently broken. I’m working on replacing it with something that is more stable and easier to use. I will post more info on the update in the coming week.

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