Samurai Wars update 19

A new update is on its way and should arrive in the App Store within a couple of days.

This release should address the network problems that has been causing a lot of weird issues, like enemy armies not arriving to the battle field, invincible enemies, and strange combat results. The problem was that when network latency and packet loss got above a certain threshold the game had trouble keeping units in sync, and got confused who was were so to say. If you’ve experienced such issues in update 18, please test again with the new update and report back here if you’re still seeing problems.

And a as a bonus, I’ve also added a new “Current Rating” leaderboard.

30 thoughts on “Samurai Wars update 19

  1. This is exactly the kind of game I’ve been looking for on the App Store. Thank you very much for this, very enjoyable, looking forward to seeing it get better and better. Thanks for your work on this, keep it up!

  2. Update is needed now…i cant stand the bugs, i cant even attack enemy units and its happen 3 games in arrow. Please release the update as soon as possible.

    • The App Store approval process takes about a week.

      I know, I know, it’s soooo sloooow, in Internet Time it feels like a month…

    • Oh no, there was an error in a third party library which means I have to resubmit the app. What a pain, the update won’t be out until end of next week :(

  3. The two things I think you should work on is the servers and the skins of the people. Other than that I think this is one of the best games on the app store.

    • Thanks.

      There’s an update coming up soon that fix some of the network issues, and I’ll continue improving matchmaking in subsequent updates.

    • I’m currently working on improving the matchmaking user interface. I’ve come to realize that GameCenter has some limitations. It’s fairly easy to implement out-of-the-box vanilla matchmaking, but much harder when you want to do specialized matchmaking with custom maps and army selection. Plus it’s not cross platform (android). So in the long term I have to look for better solution. But I’m taking small steps and next up is just some reworking of the user interface.

        • Was thinking like a map of japan as the main screen or separate features where you can see the lands occupied by the player according their score on leaderboard. This wher you can do all the other non battle stuff like invites, see stats etc
          Also you should decrease the score of a player per day to give an incentive to play often
          Needs a tutorial so that players dont just play then never play again
          Any thought on this idea and other ideas which will get more players to play.

          • You’re right that getting more players is top priority.

            Agreed, it would be useful to see what games are starting and maybe those in-progress too (and in in the long term, spectator mode). Maybe in the form of a map or perhaps a more traditional game list. ELO rating decay might increase incentive to play, it’s worth checking out. It’s not possible to do with the GameCenter though, so it requires hosting your own matchmaking/leaderboard server. I’m also planning to rework the tutorial/practice mode so that it is has more replay value. Perhaps with scoring and leaderboard for solo play too.

            Another idea is matchmaking between Android and iOS versions.

          • Instead of a big MMO why not just create a campaign, then nobody gets overly powerful and conquers all of Japan (if that is what you where thinking)

  4. for next months it’s sheduled a version for android ? I have seen that it’s possible, PLEASE do it! ( I hope ).

    • I’ve started working on the Android version, but I have no release dates yet.

  5. In the very long term Id really love to have like a full simulation of samurai clans and wars…like occupying land and immerse yourself in rising in the ranks from becoming a general to warlord and then shogun but taking out all the economy side of it. it would awesome if we had a game map(japan) to make it as if you are a leader of a clan ( realistic) and where you can see all the consistent players clans ( land occupied ) to see how you compare to others and see who youd be good match up with. im very happy with the way samurai wars has progress but i do believe you should employ game developers in assisting you because this game has great potential and its the uniqueness of the game that has kept me coming for more. Best rts if not best game on the ipad and thanks for putting all the work and updates into it…love your work.

  6. I know these idea must be really hard to code but if you could add them it would make this game go from great to amazing, my first idea is that you could recruit and save your army in multiplayer and if you the men running away could join an other unit. Thanks. By the way your game is one of the best on the app store

    • Hey lachlan and devs
      your idea about campaign is needed and i was thinking the devs should go for more of a tutorial campaign but most of the gameplay is done multiplay to create a competitve side to it. Regarding the MMO ( map of japan) i think it would be a great to make it, make it hard for powerful clans to grow and by following the current Elo ranking system this would be perfect. Also the larger the clan the more people will target you and gang up on you and i was thinking if a powerful player or any player was offline you can pillage his land aquiring points/land but not as much as real online maybe 1 and 2 points, the offline player’s army is controlled by AI. But a powerful army or any army can counter this gang up by making allies e.g 0-7 allies to create a buffer state between rival clans if you make the rule where you can only attack allied neighbouring or your neighbouring clans. Your probably wondering whats in it for the less powerful ally? Not only does the powerful clan create a buffer state, the 2v2 feature comes into play where the powerful clan can help less powerful clan in 2v2 but making the neighbouring attacking clan gain more of share of the score/lands acquired from the victory. To make it seems realistic for every 50 points above the starting score you get a village and every 100 points above you get a town and every 500 points above you get a city/capital, this cities will act as achievements than anyhting else.
      Other ideas include:
      -the setup of clans of japan should be the top 10 powerful clans/ powerful clans should be spread out evenly across japan with all the other clans( individual players)distributed between them according.
      – it should have isolated areas/neutral areas that act ad natural barriers…not too many tho
      – decay score/land of the player if not online e.g decrease 1 score per day. Online is defined as versing people online e.g 1-3 times minimum.
      -starting player gets a very small land to start off with and should be placed between clans so that they can start attack neighbouring clans
      – players under starting score have a rebel state under the control of the player who conquered it, the city automatically acts as an ally. Also allies can fight for other allies if the other ally is offline if about to be pillaged.
      -rebel cities are always located at the borders of the land their in even if the clan they are allied with aquires land they will be relocated at the nearest border. This is so that the the rebel city has a chance to attack other neighbouring clans with the aid of the powerful clan they are under so they can establish new lands and gain.
      Lands occupied must only be adjacent and cannot have 2 separate land areas occupied and players

      Make it hard for powerful clans to grow but keep the battle system fair by keeping armies equal exactky how it is now. Maybe powerful clans can gain an extra unit per how many allies online
      And you get an extra ally slot per city( 500 points above), starting at 4 and max at 7. In 2v2 the ally army has army as normal.

      These are only ideas and the developer knows what he would like and in the long term too once all the basics are done but yeah keep it simple and not complicated but interesting. The balance in the game right now is perfect but i just like to see more players and a better way to represent and reward consistent and top players, other than a leaderboard, a map of japan and cities as achievements would be perfect in my opinion

      Custom battle as another feature that would be awesome.

      • A daily/weekly/ knockout etc tournament could also be another feature you could consider.

      • That’s a really good idea, if two army’s could join as ally’s. The army’s would have to be controlled by two commanders which would be hard to code. But it’s still a really good idea (long term of course). And one more thing how does turn based work?

      • Yes, very interesting ideas. In the long term, some kind of strategic element is needed. Don’t know yet how it will turn out, but keep the ideas coming.

    • I’ll try to put together a beta sometimes next week, and then submit the update after some period of testing.

      [edit: Mar 26, 2014]

      Networking code takes a lot of fiddling… Not ready for beta just yet…

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