Samurai Wars update 17

Update 17 is now live!

  • Missile range is now limited by line-of-sight.
  • Added height advantage in melee combat.
  • Very steep hills are impassable, which is indicated by the grayish ground color.
  • Added four new maps.

16 thoughts on “Samurai Wars update 17

  1. Well, it never seems to find an opponent for a real time game.

    Furthermore, when I start a turn based game and my opponent makes a move, there doesn’t seem to be anyway of getting back into that game – either from Samurai Wars or from the Game Center!

    • Yes, I’m aware of these issues and is working to resolve them in the next update. In fact, the networking code is getting a complete rewrite that will allow for 2-vs-2 (or even more) and will make it possible to implement much better match-making and match-finding than is possible with Game Center.

      • Sounds awesome. It’s a shame you released this game before it was working though – you will lose everyone’s interest

  2. Great game but needs some major fixes as a vs. ai mode , sandbox mode , slower unit movement and game speed,improved graphics and other minor changes but it is a amazing game in the making i have been waiting for total war to make an app like this but they havent or are in the prosses of making one. We need UPDATES :)

    • The rewrite of the networking code is going quite well. I’ve got basic 2v2 up and running. Having teams and multiples allies and enemies to worry about adds to the complexity, and it’s taking a bit longer than I expected. Networking is the most complex and the most critical part of the game and I want to get it right, so it will need a few more weeks before it can go live.

  3. Could you maybe be more active on your twitter please, update us on ideas and a way to contact with players of this game?

    • Yes, you’re right. It’s all too easy to bury oneself in the coding challenges and forget everything else. My twitter is @nikodil.

      GameCenter doesn’t offer much in the sense of social networking. You have your friends list, but GameCenter itself doesn’t provide much means to discover new friends and players. The new networking architecture in the game is designed to make it possible to add these missing features. Such as game/player lists, in-game chat, scenario negotiations, etc.

    • Turn notifications are handled by iOS 7 GameCenter. With the next update it should be working is expected.

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