Samurai Wars update 16

Archers and matchlocks are back!


Note: It’s seems possible to play with version 15 against version 16. So if you encounter stealth archer units, make sure you update to version 16.


The version mismatch problem should now be fixed. Units should now be what they appear to be.

8 thoughts on “Samurai Wars update 16

  1. Let me start by saying I think the game is great. It’s difficult to maneuver troops on iPhone but I’m not sure there’s anything you can do about that. What I really want to say is advertise somehow. It’s a great game. But needs more players. It’s impossible to find a match a lot of times.

  2. Can you please please please make a custom battle mode for the next update,where you get a certain amount of money but ensure the pricing of the units is balanced e.g horse archers should be the most expensive in my opinion. This will be an awesome feature and would also increase the popularity of this game. Thanks for making this awesome game and keep us updated with your ideas and plans.

  3. Hey! First I just want to say this is a great game and hopefully it gets better but I just have a couple questions. First the trees in the game do they provide any tactical cover from enemy archers or matchlocks? The hills in the game is there an advantage for having the “high ground” and do missile units have further range? Just a couple of thoughts I had, like I said love the game my brother and I play each other all the time now

  4. You are right, those factors are not implemented yet. With new and more sophisticated maps these factors are very important tactical aspect, and I’m working on adding those to the upcoming update.

    Custom battles, matchmaking and networking are things I need to look over in subsequent updates.

    • I hope to be able to submit the update next week. It will contain simulator changes for improved modeling of the terrain aspects mentioned above. And maybe some more maps that take advantage of these aspects.

  5. I’m amazed how this project changed over last year. Great job! Maybe I should start to play :)

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