14 thoughts on “Samurai Wars update 15

  1. Is there a new tactic that allows all units to shoot arrows? What is the touch control pattern to allow all units to shoot arrows in the newest release? Thanks for a great game!

  2. Can you pls fix this, it is so annoying
    When you group your units together somehow they become invincible
    They keep respawning more units

    • I think this was caused by version 15/16 mismatch. I’ve fixed the mismatch problem, but if you see this happen again, please report it here.

  3. I’m on iPhone and every time I accept a game invite it brings up the App Store wanting me to download the game.

  4. I’m assuming it would show up as an update if a new version is available. It’s not showing up, also I don’t know how to see what version of the app I have

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