Samurai Wars 21 mini-FAQ

Here’s kind of a mini FAQ of some of the most common questions I’ve seen in the game. For game play tips, see the previous post on Samurai Wars Tactics.

– How do I change my name and picture?

iOS: You have to sign in using Game Center. Open the Settings and go to Game Center and enter your Apple ID and password. You can then edit your Game Center profile and change your nickname. Additionally, you can open the Game Center app and tap the profile picture in order to change it.

GameCenter1 GameCenter2

Android: Sign in with Google Play Games using your Google+ account. Change your profile name and picture with your favourite browser at

– Who is who?

You are always the top-left player and your units are always blue. Enemy players are listed to the right and have red units. Allies are listed below you and have green units. If you are spectating, players to the left have green units and the right ones red. (Todo: improve so you can better see who is who when there are many players.)

– What does “gg” mean?

It’s short for “good game” and just means “thanks for the game”.  Other acronyms are: gl – “good luck”, gj – “good job”, wp – “well played”. For a list of common abbreviations, see:


20 thoughts on “Samurai Wars 21 mini-FAQ

  1. Hey, it would be nice if you guys added an offline mode. Often there is no one to play with or long wait times. A campaign would be a great idea along with new maps and maybe even naval warfare :)!

    • Yes, the thing this game needs most is an offline mode.There are not enough people that play this game to have an online match when you want to play. Also it would be nice for when you don’t have an internet connection for your iPad.
      Thanks for listening,

  2. Your game is nice but, single play have only one map and A.I is always same then How save single score? If you revise this, I’m sure that this game will be nice yes

  3. You should add a game with war based on 1800s era including cannon, fort, grenadier,musketman,and more.

  4. Hey reporting a glitch where if the match is over, you still show up as in the match, and the timer keeps going. I don’t know if this. Visual error, a client error or the server. But now you know!
    It also forces you to press on the centre of any unslotted matchmaker, and then manually invite yourself into the match.

      • Also playing this in an earlier build, I’m ginna say 14-17 to figured out the troop weaknesses and strengths, and the morale system that was active then. Did you. Change anything in the troop morale? I feel that ranged forces are extremely cowardly, which is alright, but when they go, so does an entire troop of pikemen in this current build

        • I didn’t change anything with the battle calculations. If there’s a difference, I suspect it’s due to networking issues because that has been changed. Bad latency and packet loss can cause issues like this as well as invincibility other “funny” glitches.

          • Ok got it. Because recently I moved two Calvary units against the opposing player’s ranged forces, and when they finished them off, everything that came to kill the Calvary got scared away with them. Now that you’ve mentioned the latency problem it makes some sense, thank you.

  5. Are you aware of a disconnect problem? I’ve been in a couple games now where my opponent said he was kicked from the match, losing connection to the game itself.

    • Could be a shaky cellular connection, but it could also be related to the network problems already mentioned. Thanks for reporting, it’s very helpful to get continual feedback about issues like this.

  6. A seige mode would be dope, like not even an intricate fortress but a four sided fort with an inner keep on one of the four corners the goal would be to get into the keep walls and have a 2(attacker:1(defender) ratio for 1 minute to be victorious or kill all the defenders, morale should be infinite in the keep as theBuying Fire attune rings, Firestorm rings and Firbolt ringsre is no escape but in the courtyard it should be the same. The attackers should also have more troops and seige weapons

  7. Please disregard “Buying Fire attune rings, Firestorm rings and Firbolt rings” it was a bloody mistake my bad

  8. Will you be working on the game during the holidays Felix? and what’s in store now that the matchmaking is pretty much perfect! (Except that the one who starts the matchmaking can’t stop the other person from pressing the X and making it a 1v1 regardless of what you wanted, that needs a tune up)

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