Samurai Wars 1.0.9 released

Changes in this version:

  • Added solo practice mode.

Note: Don’t get too excited about the AI, it’s not that intelligent and intended function as your sparring partner rather than a worthy opponent. The next update will get a facelift. I’ll be focusing on getting the graphics not-so-dull, improving the terrain visualization in order to support more hilly maps.

Oops! Online play was accidentally broken in this version. An updated that fixes this has been submitted and should be available shortly.

9 thoughts on “Samurai Wars 1.0.9 released

  1. After your next update you should start working on a campaign.. Lol I bet all the AI in the scenarios. This is a idea on how the main menu should be: first make a campaign mode, then multiplayer, then practice mode and then help which automatically takes you to this web.

  2. Great work!

    I love the practice mode, even if you say the ai is bad. However, it’s far too hard. The troops you are given don’t match up well against the computer. Im defeated in about 10 seconds even if my swordsman go againt the ai’s swordsman etc. And then on top of that you are outnumbered in the scenarios.

    For future updates it would be nice to have the option to choose your troops (like having more cavalry or having more of the archers instead of spearman, etc.)

      • I understand that, but the battles are literally about 20 seconds long (assuming you don’t run around the battlefield doing nothing). My point was that the enemy units are stronger than yours. Head to head, one-on-one their units beat yours. If you can still win against the AI, then kudos to you. The units of infantry die too quickly. You can’t hold a line and let cavalry move to surround the enemy because you have 3 seconds to do so. You have time to make about 3 decisive moves and that’s it. It makes it impossible to recover from a mistake you made in the 2 seconds you had to make a decision.

        • Yes, the current solo scenarios might be a bit too simplistic. There’s much room for improvement with the enemy AI, such as proper path finding, scripting, and tactical awareness. It will take some work to get there, but it’s definitely something I aim for for future versions. I know the battle mechanics needs tweaking too, your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

  3. When is the next update. Also I think you should make a free for all mode and get to choose your own army lists. :)

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