Samurai Wars 1.0.8 released

There’s finally a new version out. Changes in this version:

  • Split screen when playing in offline real-time mode.
  • Added perspective view of the battlefield.

Note: This is not really true 3D yet, although it is a step in that direction. From a user experience standpoint, the perspective view makes sense though, as you’re able to see the details of nearby units and get an overview of distance units at the same time. It’s a better visualization that shows the right information at the right level of detail. That is not possible with a 2D view (or even the isometric view commonly used by RTSes). The main drawback with 3D is that the camera can become harder to control. I’ve tried to solve this  by thinking away the camera. As a player, you shouldn’t be concerned with managing the camera. Many games out seem to get this backwards. This is a board game, and you should manipulate the board itself, and not be worrying about camera control. Hope it makes sense.

stay tuned for more updates,

12 thoughts on “Samurai Wars 1.0.8 released

  1. To tell the truth the update isn’t so cool.. I had fun playing without split screen, I usually play with people but now this update made it so I can’t play the game with myself to better my strategies. Also the online in this game is kinda inactive. It’s so fun yet so unnoticed. You have t find some way to get this game to everyone y’know like ads. Oh and I’m a great graphic artist if u need more staff to gel with future updates I can help

    • Yes I agree. But I’m working on adding solo play for the next update, so that should make up for the “loss”. And yes, the activity is still a bit low. I intend to do marketing later on, but for now I want to focus on working on getting the core features in place, like better terrain, more scenarios, custom armies, etc.

      I’m not into manga haircuts, so I don’t know about the gel ;) but help is always welcome.

      • Hey, love the game! please don’t do like too many in app purchases though, it would make it harder to enjoy if I had to pay for everything. /:

      • A campaign would be nice. Just like the ones in shogun total war but a different story. You should also make buildings in the game so that you could make more troops and others to upgrade troops. Also I love the idea about scenarios it should make people go into the and more. And in multiplayer you can try make a 2v2 and bigger maps. Another thing I had in mind is that a skirmish mode should be made.. I tend to spend hours on skirmish. New soundtracks should be made since the man menu one has gotten quite old. I understand all of this will take quite some time but if you do manage to do this the game will be back in its glooorrry days. :D

        • * Also I like the idea about scenarios it should make people go into the game a bit more.

          Dang mistakes!

  2. My version of the app consistently shuts itself down without notice, is this a known bug or should I just delete the app and re-download it?

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