34 thoughts on “Samurai Wars 1.0.11 released

  1. Yea the updates cool, the new graphics make it look Like a completely new game. But I would prefer that my troopers don’t just float and actually moved their legs…

      • Not that hard, although a non-trivial amount of work. It’s certainly on the to-do list a little further down.

    • Very cool game. Would it be difficult to add statistics at the end like number of casualties?

  2. Also we should have special abilities and dat stuff like arrow volley or immortal troops.. And making buttons to make your troopers run, walk, charge etc also when u order a troop battalion to attack a enemy you could make some sound effects like ” it will be done” or “yes sir”

    • I don’t like the immortal troops that would be unfair. I like your idea about the buttons and the sound effect but i hope it will not be in english but in japanese. :D

    • Yeah with different clans and in every clans there is a symbol. We’ll put that symbol into their flags

  3. Top items on the feature request list are solo scenarios and custom armies. Then there are things like simulation improvements / balancing, more maps, etc. Solo play will require better AI scripts and custom armies will need careful balancing. These are some very interesting problems to tackle. I have some ideas how to approach this but will see how it turns out.

    • Look I love this game it’s great and amazing, picking out your type of army would be very impressive and I would be very amazed if you did that, so far there is no other game as good as this one in my opinion. It would be awesome if you could add more soilders to everyone’s armies. The bigger the battles the more interest the gamers have.

    • So much to do, so little time… Too early to tell, but I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Yes of course. Like a few months ago this game was nothing. You deserve some time to play with what you have..

    • I’m aiming for an update in may. I’ll try to prioritize according to feedback. So more feedback is welcome. For example, what’s your preferred mode of play? It seems online play is not as frequent and I suspect it’s partly because how the Game Center auto-match works. Maybe a more conventional match list with host/join functionality would work better. And with 2-vs-2 it would be twice as fun. (Or why not make it 10-vs-10 …, but that is a little further down the road I think…)

      • If you could do it that will be amazing. This game is by far the best game on the App Store, and I hope people will start realizing this game and how good it is.

      • …10 vs 10? With each player having huge armies? Wow that’s ought to be awesome. And yes I do believe you should scrap the gamecenter online. Not much play it. It’s scaring away all your potential players ;)

  5. Every time I’m in a match with someone, my game will go to the home screen in the middle of the match. Can you please fix this it is really agitating.

      • I think I need some help, I’ve sent you an email.


        I realize I don’t have your email. The may be a crash log that might give some clues about the problem. If you look in Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostics & Usage Data, do you see any entry that might correspond to the crash? If there is, it would be very helpful to me if you could mail me that entry to: samurai-wars@ungman.com.

    • Ya that’s true. Happens to me all the time. But for me it only happens in turn based.

      • OK, if it’s turn based and it crashes when you load the match, it seems that the bug is in the code that loads the game data. I’ll investigate further.

    • Mr. Felix would it be good if you make it a free roam also where you travel then you’ll meet enemies or you can invade villages?

  6. I find it difficult to change unit facing (iPad 4). It seems like the way it works is you touch with a second finger and then use your original finger to rotate. That is counter-intuitive to me. I also can’t tell the difference between forward and backward while rotating a unit, so I find I have to repeat the process when it turns out it is facing 180 degrees from where I intended. It would also be nice to be able to clearly tell which direction a unit is facing at the lowest zoom level (zoomed all the way out).

    Amazing game, though.

    • Yes, I agree, controls should be improved. You would also like to be able change formation (wedge, etc), and perhaps use special abilities.

  7. Hey I need some help with strategy. My guys get killed almost right away. Is there a way that troops go against each other so that they match up better?

  8. At first I thought this was gonna be another cheap crappy game I’d just delete off of my IPod within the first day of having it. Boy, was I wrong. I play this every day, and I’m still learning stuff. Love it, love it, love it.

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