Samurai Beta 20

Time for a new beta build of Samurai Wars.

In this update I’ve reworked the matchmaking user interface. No more modal GameCenter dialog boxes! It should be much easier to setup matches with more than two players, either using invites or auto-matching or even combination (like invite one player then auto-match another).

Please report any issues. It seems GameCenter is sometimes slow when connecting/matching, and can take up to 10 or 20 seconds to find a matching player from the point where both click Ready. Other times GameCenter get confused and won’t match at all. It sometimes help turning your Wifi connection off and on.

If you haven’t signed up for the beta yet, see

Note: If you’ve signed up with TestFlight but not registered a device, you have to do so before being able to install the beta. Easiest way to do that is to use Safari on your device and go to the TestFlight web site.

27 thoughts on “Samurai Beta 20

  1. Is the update happening later on? The app stire isn’t showing me any required updates for Samurai Wars. Also I don’t know if this has to do with the game center matchmaking being taken off, but the leaderboards show #1 as somebody with over a billion points.. I am curious about that.

    • Also, is ther any chance of adding the practice map onto multiplayer? It’s a pretty simple map, but it looks like it would be fun to use on multiplayer at times.

    • The update hasn’t been released in the App Store yet. I will be after one or two weeks of beta tests and fixes.

      The bogus score has been removed, thanks for noticing.

        • Yes, right, that will be fixed. Practice mode is meant to be like a shooting range or sparring partner. The AI will attack but not necessary show high intelligence or creativity (that is very difficult to program, so I’m not going to attempt that, at least not for now).

  2. I’ve been trying this beta 20′ but haven’t had anybody to battle yet? Do I need to use my friends list or does it find the players online (cloud symbol?)
    Looks to be a good deal to get away from Game Center! Thanks for your development changes, too.

    • Yes, only a few ppl have installed beta 20, and considering time zones it’s hard to find another beta tester in-game. (And now it’s easter time so I won’t have much time myself.)

      I will try to clarify the symbols and buttons of the new interface (and also tweak the layout, in particular for the small screen iPhone). Any comments so far? Anything you find hard to understand or use?

      • I’m just not sure if “online” means it’s waiting for another player online to join in, or do I need to contact a friend and invite him in that window with the yellow button. I’m sure it’s probably obvious, but I don’t get the “ready” and “unready”…. Does that mean the battle is ready to begin and no more players or just no more invites? Sorry to sound so confusing but I know it will turn out better than Game Center once it gets up & running. Thanks.

  3. Update: I’ve now fixed a few bugs found in the beta and have submitted the update to the App Store, so it should be out sometimes next week.

  4. Hey felix! Thx for fixng the score, and thank you for being so in touch with players so far, good to know you are paying attention to detail. we appreciate the game and how simple, yet complex it is. Keep it up and I hope the game keeps getting better.

  5. Is there a way to have the new updates put into the game without manually doing so via app store? I am having a lot of issues with my current apple ID information and can’t download anything or update this game

    • Apple is very protective about the App Store and iOS installs. Even the beta install process is carefully controlled and limited to 100 pre-registered devices. There’s no other way unless you jailbreak your device (not recommended unless you know what you’re doing).

      (On the other hand, it sounds like it would be a good idea to get your Apple ID sorted anyway, or you’ll be missing out critical security updates for the iOS itself.)

      • Hey Felix!
        I have downloaded the new update from the Apple Store and I can’t seem to connect with anybody. I have a new iPad Mini and I have more than enough space. Could you fix this please. It’s really disappointing not to be able to play the best game on the Apple Store!

          • Thanks for the quick responce! It’s defiantly great to know that you are always there for us. If you want any ideas I have for Samurai Wars the I will share them with you, just ask :)

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