Samurai Beta 18

The first beta build of update 18 is now ready for action. You can sign up at

The beta testing process will work like this:

  • You’ll need a TestFlight account. Sign up using the recruitment link above. This will register your device and install the TestFlight web shortcut.
  • Once I’ve approved and your added device ID to the app certificate, you’ll be able to install the beta directly from TestFlight.
  • Installing “Samurai Beta” app will replace the “Samurai Wars” app, and vice versa. You can have one or the other installed at any single time, but you can switch between the beta and the real app by reinstalling from App Store / TestFlight.
  • There beta will connect to the GameCenter Sandbox and you’ll need to register a sandbox account. Although you can use the same AppleID and GameCenter nickname, it’s important to note that sandbox accounts are separate from the real GameCenter accounts. It’s a bit confusing that the same AppleID can have two game center accounts, but when logging in it will tell you if you are in sandbox mode. You can logout in Settings > Game Center if you need to reset or switch accounts.
  • You’ll get notified when new builds are available. The version and build number is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. The build number is using the format “<year><month><day>.<build>”, e.g. “131129.1”.


What’s new in this version:

  • It’s now possible to play with up to four players.
  • Complete rewrite of the networking code to improve how the simulation model is synchronized between devices. This means smoother unit movement and more reliable combat results.

Some known issues:

  • Turn-based mode is disabled (still some work to do there).
  • Practice AI is disabled.
  • Leaderboard reporting is currently disabled.
  • The player status bar at the top of the screen only shows two players, even in 3 or 4 player matches.
  • When a player disconnects, the game will freeze. Need to implement graceful handling of dropped connections and network failures.

9 thoughts on “Samurai Beta 18

  1. I still think you should be able to choose to get email notification of your turn, not just through game center.

    How you handle dropped games is crucial. One of the biggest problems with pvp is the loser dropping the game when he knows he is going to lose. There needs to be an incentive/punishment for dropping games.

    If you need any help with the art or animation or sound editing/special effects, etc., let me know!

    • Personally, I find GameCenter notifications sufficient most of the time. But I agree that email notifications could sometimes be useful. I plan to move more of the matchmaking functionality from GameCenter to its own server, which should make things like email notifications possible.

    • >If you need any help with the art or animation or
      >sound editing/special effects, etc., let me know!

      Certainly. The core game is open source (GPL / CC). There’s no documentation yet, but I can explain how it all works. Send me an email:

  2. Hmm the beta isn’t very active. I can’t even find 1v1 matches. It would be a miracle if I found a match with all people

    • Yes, we need to coordinate this outside of the game somehow. My normal Game Center nickname is “Nikodil”, but it’s “Nikodil 1” in sandbox mode. But it’s too bad GameCenter has no general chat or messaging system. My twitter is @nikodil and I’m following the twitter hashtag #SamuraiWars.

  3. Just signed up, not to be that guy who is constantly pestering you for acceptance to the beta, but when do you think you will get around to accepting me. Oh- right- and this is, for sure, the best iOS game ever created.

    • No problem, I was afk all yesterday, but you should be activated now.

      Also, I plan to do a new beta build tomorrow that is more feature complete and resolving some of the issues mentioned above.

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