Samurai Beta 18 build 140109.1

This should be the final beta before release. I think I’ve fixed all sync issues and crashes that have been reported so far. If you find any problems, please report here.

I’ve noticed that the GameCenter invite and auto-match functionality sometimes doesn’t work. This could very well be the Sandbox environment that’s unstable (I’ve seen reports about this from other developers). It seems that going to Settings and switching wireless networking off and on again seem to fix this.

6 thoughts on “Samurai Beta 18 build 140109.1

    • Thanks. Yes, it seems stable enough now, so it’s time to prepare a build to be submitted to the app store.

      Once again, thanks guys for all the help with testing and feedback, it’s been very helpful.

  1. Could you add stats like win/loss ratio, unit kills etc and also where you can see other people stats and an actual score because the score is not the current score but the highest score achieved, it would make the game a whole lot interest. Can you reply with what you think with this idea. Thanks alot for making and updating this game.

    • Yes, I will need to beef up the server infrastructure first, but then it will be possible to do more advanced statistics.

      But next I plan to improve the matchmaking. It’s still too hard to start real-time games.The new update shows the number of players online, so that should help a little. But the basic GameCenter matchmaking functionality leaves plenty of room for improvement.

  2. Me & diamond played last nite night and there was very choppy play and some strange outcomes of battles. You almost have it… No other problems, haven’t done 3 or 4 players, yet, together. Thanks

    • The update should go live later today. I’ve fixed an issue with missiles and some memory issues. But I haven’t seen any lag issues in this build, at least not when testing under good network conditions (wifi). But real world network conditions are not always that good, especially on cellular networks (edge), and if network latency goes beyond 400 ms it’s hard to keep the lag down.

      Test again with the update once it goes live, and I will continue investigate these issues. It’s good to note what kind of network you are using when reporting, wifi (and the bandwidth of you know that) or cellular (3G or edge and signal strength).

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