Samurai Beta 18 build 131216.1

A new build is up:

  • Turn-based mode is now working (more or less, some known sync issues to be fixed).
  • Real-time mode has been tweaked, should work OK with 3G or better (but currently lags on EDGE).
  • Player status bar shows all players.
  • Various minor fixes and tweaks.

Game invites should work (most of the time), although I have experienced that it sometimes is slow and unstable. I haven’t been able to track down whether this is a bug or if it’s just the Game Center Sandbox that’s unstable. Further work is needed on real-time networking, especially handling dropped connection and unstable / hight latency connections (EDGE).

Also, note the beta tester registration is a two step process:

  • (1) you need to register an account with TestFlight

AND, if you haven’t done so already:

  • (2) you need to register an iOS device with that account


Latest build is 131219.1. Should be feature complete, but still has some network issues (reported in comments below).

14 thoughts on “Samurai Beta 18 build 131216.1

  1. Playing beta and notice “victory” can show up on both players screens simultaneously. When end game or victory is touched the game ends on that player only…
    Works better than before, so good job!!!
    Thanks for your hard work on a great game!

  2. Known issues with current beta:

    •intermittent sync issues w/ multi-player invites. Some players seem unable to initiate multi-player games and only sync with one player.
    •when non friended player enters chat app crashes immediately and repeatedly (very annoying)
    •after multiple crashes with non friended player entering chat, starting agame produces black screen

  3. Yes, I’ve been able to reproduce these network problems locally by using “Network Conditioning” (i.e. forcing the device to emulate real-world or bad network conditions).

    Network programming is a non-trivial exercise. It’s in fact one of the more complex things I’ve ever worked on, but also one of the most fun.

  4. I don’t know how to do anything the up date says I can do. I am playing on an IPad. May you please tell me what else needs to be done.

  5. Small update: I haven’t been able to work much during the holiday, but now I’m back. I’ve been able to most of the problems reported above. There are still some issues remaining to solve, but I feel that it’s getting closer now.

  6. I went to the link you sent us, i signed up at the website, then i tried to download it, put in my password for the website and it still didn’t work I just quit after awhile. So please if there is anything you could do i would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    • I see that you’ve added the TestFlight account, but that you haven’t yet registered any device. You need to login to in Safari on the device and click “Connect Device” to install the needed TestFlight stuff. After that, I manually need to activate your device, and then you should be able to install the beta.

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