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As you might have noticed, I’ve recently released updates for Android and iOS. From now on, the plan is to release updates on a regular basis. For the “unstable” or “beta” channel (that is, TestFlight and Android Beta testers), I expect to release new updates about weekly, or even daily if appropriate. For the “stable” or “release” channels I will do monthly updates, aiming for the start of each month (exact dates may depend on approval times).

For the server backend, I’m releasing updates continually as needed. Sometimes I need to reset the servers, and that will currently interrupt matches in progress. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience, and I’m working on a solution for continuous server updates without the need for interruptions.

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  1. The schedule is still releasing updates at the beginning of each month. For the upcoming update I have rewritten the user interface and it is now based on html, javascript, and Angular 2. Once this is tested and working, it will be much easier to implement features like custom armies in coming updates.

    When you say team speak, do you mean voice, or the regular in-game chat?

  2. Archers beating spears is realistic. Fatigue is a critical missing features, but it doesn't actually change that dynamic, because it would affect the chasing Yari units too. IMHO, boring end games are better solved by improving morale models so that units route more easily when outnumbered, and also by introducing more interesting victory conditions than just routing the enemy.

  3. Ah, yes, very true, fatigue will bring some balance there.

  4. Right, I have this crazy idea about focusing on game play before graphics :smirk:

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