Progress Report (version 12)

Although I’ve been rather busy with other projects lately, there will be a new update coming out within the next weeks. It should address some of the stability problems that have been reported. In addition, the new feature in this update is a simple form of chat lobby. The online real-time seems very little used, despite there being several players online most of the time. It’s probably just because of the catch-22 reason that it’s very little used. Hopefully the chat will fix this.


While there’s no changes to the game play in this update, there has been some work with restructuring the game engine in order to make it more open and easier to incorporate suggestions and contributions. More on that later.


12 thoughts on “Progress Report (version 12)

  1. A chat is an excellent idea to kick start the matches. I have attempted many times but have yet to find a match. This game has so much potential, it could be another total war. Also, have you considered an ai skirmish mode? This would at least keep people playing whilst they’re waiting around for a game.

  2. Hi, I’m finding it very difficult to control the direction of the ranged units. There needs to be an arrow or something showing the direction. I keep spinning them to face completely the wrong direction.

    • Ya i sometimes have trouble controlling the range units so if u could make it a little easier to control the range units that would be awsume

  3. I’ve managed to play a few games, but really giving up until the direction of the ranged units is made better. I just cannot redirect them!

    • The way it currently works is to hold down a second “modifier tap” while dragging the unit in the direction it should be facing. It’s not intuitive enough, I agree that it can be made better.

      • Hi Felix, I see the logic and can get the units to spin and active the modifier tap. But unless there is an arrow telling you the direction, you cannot tell back from front. In which case, you can’t even see the men spinning 180, but next thing you know, they’re facing the wrong direction.

          • Thanks for the update Felix… The game is now much more playable, and once you figure it out the controls are now usable. I look forward to some battles when I have time. I’m not sure what your intentions are with this game but there is so much potential, keep up the good work!

    • I did a quick check on my iPad 3, played one online real time match, and turn-based seemed to work too. Please describe in more detail what happens.

  4. I know that the hills slow down unit speed but not sure if it gives u an advantage if your units have the high ground if not then it would cool if in the next update their could be a slight advantage to units holding high ground

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