More server maintenance

I will be doing more server maintenance today. There may be brief periods of server downtime and restarts. No new features in this server update, but if all goes well it should improve server stability and reduce the need for future downtime.

Big Ooops! Accidentally broke the chat :( Fixing…

Chat is back! I will be monitoring the servers for further glitches.

Apparently broke practice mode too. Fixing…

Server update has been deployed. I will continue to fine-tune the networking in the coming weeks. If you experience network glitches, please report here.

37 thoughts on “More server maintenance

    • Apparently it crashed again, so I’ve reverted. The good old stable version should be up and running now. Back to the lab for more testing… And welcome!

    • Yes, when the scripting support for battles has been implemented it will be possible to do custom ai battles and better solo scenarios.

      • What do you mean by customs battles is it pick your men and the enemy teams men or scenarios

        • There are three components: map editor, picking units, and scripting (for controlling units and calculating victory points). In this case I meant scripting, and that will come in time. First up is map editor.

          • Initially new features will be on web version (for development / deployment process reasons). But all features will be ported to mobile in time.

    • I love feedback and feature requests! There’s a rough outline in but I do not have specific deadlines for specific features. Lots of functionality depend on other functionality, and “invisible” stuff in particular like server backend and client plumbing. So I’m implementing one feature at a time, reprioritizing the to-do list between each task.

    • One of the design principles of this game is to be very “sandboxy”. Don’t know exactly what you are thinking of, but the answer is most likely Yes.

  1. oh my… A.I. battles :D
    I’m going to re-create so many historical battles xD

  2. So its seems we have some issues floating around, Felix, i sent you an email on the direct issue that brought i to my attention… i will search for any more events, i would guess that it is some kind of exploit if only this one kid keeps doing it, if its something that effects multiple games randomly, then i would assume its an issue taht must be dealt with…


    • Alright the kid did it again, he used this so called “unit pause: exploit against a player called sweaty yeti, im keeping a close eye on him… if anyone sees a player by the name of **********, please watch him closely and then report any suspicious acts performed by him here… lol i feel like someone important xD

      • also, take screenshots of his actions, you can either email them to me, or email them to felix (with his permission)

    • Thanks for reporting. There’s of course zero tolerance for exploits of any kind. Using any exploit tool will get you blocked.

      • New units (arq cav) are the easiest to add, cannons and guns will require some rework of the simulator. Siege battles will require structures and buildings, I will add those in time. Naval battles are really interesting, but will require a whole new simulator and rendering engine, so that’s something to to take a look at once ground battles are feature complete.

  3. An amazing mobile game, the setting is great, the gameplay is fun and it overall feels great. Only problems I see are the facts that there is no tutorial (we really need that,) the start menu is slow, and the moving of troops is hard but these thing can obviously be fixed

    • well, the tutorial has been suggested but it might be a while before it is implemented, felix should have way more to talk about on the subject, for i am but a nut on the game ;D

      • and there are lots of ideas, and suggestions on the roadmap post :D
        i would go check it our, you might find some stuff helpful :)

  4. I was playing the totorial when I beat the gunners and thousands spawned and died I waited 10 mins and I ended up getting 400,000 kills
    I have a screen shot for proof but not sure what to do with it.
    (I will keep it if you need it.)
    PS I thought you might want to know about this glitch/ bug on the iOS incase it happens lots and need to patch it thanks Carlos

    • Thanks for reporting. I’ve seen this before, but haven’t found the cause yet. I’ll continue to investigate.

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