Map Editor Sneak Preview

If you want to take a sneak peak of the map editor, just open the following link. (You must use a modern desktop browser, it does not work on mobile or older browsers). There’s no save yet and you can’t play your custom maps, but those things are coming…


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29 thoughts on “Map Editor Sneak Preview

  1. does this mean there will be a PC, MAC, and Linux version for S.W.? if so… THEN HECK YEAH BOI

  2. is there a way to take screenshots of what you make? i made an accurate representation of the battle of Thermopylae and i really want to take a screenshot :D

  3. You’re right, it will work on Pc, Mac and Linux. I just noticed it almost sort of worked on my iPhone 6+ too, lol didn’t know that. Account login is not implemented yet, but it’s coming soon. I’m using Grab on Mac for screenshots, on Windows I have no idea.

    • The iOS and Android versions are not ready for beta just yet. I’ll make an announcement here as soon as they are.

  4. i see…
    also, is it ok if i talk about some of the issues i talked to Nikodil about on samurai wars last week? I almost forgot to lol

  5. so im gonna start with optional fixes, because its what i can think of off the top of my head lol

    • well i kinda just put everything that came to my head,
      ALSO fortresses werent in there because that would be a VERY, VERY time consuming thing to make due to the fact taht its on mobile, and nothing is simple with complex games on mobile or PC

  6. 1:
    Anti-Spam system, if its one thing that happens on S.W. more than raging noobs, its the constant spam of a single letter, and its very annoying. People will sit there for 30 min. just spamming the letter S whilst everyone who wants to socialize tries to get them to stop (to no avail of course) and it would be nice to have system like Twitch where you cannot send a message identical to the last one you sent 30 seconds ago.
    Black List
    I kinda speak for 85 percent of S.W. on this one, because of the insane amount of salty kids and 40 year olds with no lives, the amount of trolling and spamming is insane! And the more people that join, the worse it gets. so a nice simple Block button would be excellent! :D
    “covering fire” option for your Bow Samurai and Matchlock Ashigaru
    this is an optional one, now that i think of it this would be somewhat O.P. to have, but ill keep going so… people are getting pretty fed up with people running around with their cav. as their last surviving unit. Which is sad because i literally preach to noobs about keeping cav. safe from pedophiles in forests and Yari Ashigaru, but no they ignore me and just use their cavalry against yari.. because why not i guess,
    but anyways… that got so off track lol… You could put a simple panel near the Bowmen Icon and once you tap it there you bet some kind of circle that pops up that you tap (or click) and drag to where you want them to fire a volley (it must be in the capable firing zone of the unit that is selected) if there are terrain exceptions int he way then the circle will bend so that you can fire over it (or around it for that matter)… but yet again.. just an option! :)
    Unit Stamina (Optional)
    again, this is just an option and it kinda falls in line of the whole anti-running thingy
    Unit coloring Options (Definitely Optional)
    this is something that i brought up over samurai wars, its something that i was kinda hoping would come out in a later update where you basically just mix colors for your units armor (The Umardolothian Imperial Armor colors are Black on Gold)
    but again, its just something that would make battles more enjoyable instead of red V.S. blue
    More interesting battles!
    the reason why i don’t really battle in S.W. anymore is because the battles got very linear and i eventually devised strategies for every map that are currently in the game at the moment, found out all weaknesses for every unit and found out how to fully utilize forests and mountains… So you could see how it would be pretty boring, and im not saying i think of myself as an omnipotent god at battles, i still struggle whilst fighting some poeple and i still loose a lot of battles, im just saying, there could be ways to make the battle more exciting for people like me lol
    this is probably one of the most important things on this list, WE NEED A TUTORIAL FAST!!! I’m gonna introduce some events that happened while i was teaching some people how to play the game:
    1: the paintbrush
    Me: “ok *insert name* move your naginatas to the forest on their left flank with a unit of gunners!”
    *player only moves the gunners*
    Me: “dont forget your Naginatas! :3”
    Player: “what are Naginatas vult?”
    Me: “the guys holding the half-spear things”
    Player: “???”
    Me: ” -.-”
    Me: “the paintbrush unit :|”
    Player: “OH! why didnt you just say so”
    Me: “becuase thats not what they are called bro”
    Player: “oh, then what are they called?”
    Me: “ummm… Nagiantas..”
    Player: “ooh…”
    ==the player wouldnt listen to me after i told him to save his cav. so he lost==
    2: Poke-Poke Sticks, and Boom-Boom Sticks
    Player: “THESE GUN THINGS ARE SO OP >:(”
    Me: “umm.. its realistic *Insert Name*”
    Me; “bruh calm down and accept the fact that thats sorta what happened in real life xD”
    Player: “if your such a Smart *** then what DID happen in real life *insert mobile angry face emoji*”
    Me: “well, i believe this takes place when the Europeans came to Japan to trade for its Spices, Silk, Opium, ect., and in return they gave the Japanese warlords blunderbuss’ which where primitive versions of Carbines and Muskets. In battle these things where like witchcraft to men opposing the force with the “Boom-Boom Sticks” and they would make hundreds of men flee in terror as streaks of fire and smoke would kill their comrades in the hundreds which terrified the living daylights out of soldiers for a while”
    Me: ” your poke-poke sticks weren’t even charging the gunners, what makes you think they would have survived?”
    Player: “well how DO you make your men charge >:(”
    Me: “dude just double tap the movement arrow”
    Player: “oh”
    there are countless other derp moments ive had with noobs who just got the game, i did see when pepper said that you can learn a lot by playing on the practice mode but its really buggy at times and when kids first get the game they just want to play against other people, and still know nothing about the game, making them say the game sucks and its unfair, or thye just give up when you move your troops faster than them, or they assume that your hacking when the lag makes troops rubberband. The point is, is that this game is in DIRE need of a proper tutorial, it cant be up to us experienced player to explain this b.s. to new players xD,
    and at the start of the tutorial there should be an option to choose the tutorial difficulty like “Beginner” “Advanced” and “Sun Tzu” xD or if you want to go more in depth you could make tutorials on how to use cav harassment and how to utilize your terrain properly, because i see most noobs thinking that they are invincible because they ahve the high ground, but really most of their troops arent even ont he high ground, its also really hard to see what is hi ground and what isnt, so their should be a height-map of sorts that makes it clear where there is\isnt high ground :D

    These where just a few of my thoughts, if you want to hear more, im sure i can come up with a few to hit you up with (also i found a way to make screenshots, if you ever want to see the maps that i make when im bored just ask meh) :D

    Emperor Vultblooop II of Umardoloth (@Ergeburgestadt)

  7. i might not read your replies as soon as they are put out btw, im pretty sure we are in two different time-zones and i also barely look at me gmail account xD

    • Good points, I agree 110% After I’ve managed to get the new server update stable enough (had to revert while tracking down some memory leaks and crashes), I will go though and update the roadmap and design documents.

      • i see… and i would be more than happy to sniff out any bugs or glitches that have been left behind, or that are in any future updates :D

  8. OH also, over half the time i go onto the map editor it bugs out, to where either the camera is broken or the ability to sculpt is unavailable

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