Samurai Wars Update 27 Beta Now Open

There’s now an open beta of Update 27. Note that this is maintenance release only, improving stability and performance in order to fix many of the glitches in the current version. (New features are worked on in parallel, and will be relased in an upcoming release.)

Many small bugs and improvements have been fixed, but there are still some known issues. That’s why I need you to help out and report the things you encounter.

First out is the iOS versions. Sign up by replying to this forum topic. Just saying “hi” will do, and don’t write your e-mail address. Once I’ve registered your account in iTunes TestFlight you will get an e-mail instructions how to download the beta version. The registration step is a manual process, so it can take several hours before you get your mail.

The Android version and instructions will be coming shortly.

Server problems

It seems that as I’m working on improving server reliability I’ve also introduced some major glitches that is occasionaly causing the server to stop starting matches (I thought I had found and fixed it, but it seems I’m wrong). I’m putting top priority to investigate and resolve this issue. If it stops working, please report to or to, and I’ll manually restart the server as soon as possible.