Samurai Beta 21

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Vacation is over and it’s time to get moving with the beta. First out is the iOS version and the Android beta will follow soon.

The big change in this update is the match list as I’ve mentioned before.

All current online games are listed to the right. If there’s an available slot, just tap it to join. Add more slots to do a 4-vs-4, either by invite or an open slot for anyone to join. When you are invited to a match this is indicated with a flashing player icon (tap the slot to accept the invite and join the match). Additionally you can tap the match center button to join as a spectator. The match starts as soon as all players have tapped Ready.

I’ve tried to solve some networking and cheating problems as follows:

  • If you leave a match (by accident or by purpose) you can quickly rejoin by tapping your slot in the match list.
  • In case your ally would leave the match you can take to control of his/her units.
  • If the opponent team abandons the match units start taking a hit in morale and will route after 10 – 15 seconds.

There’re quite some networking stuff going behind the scenes on to keep track of all this, and I expect a lot of testing is needed to get it to run smoothly. So please report any issues you find and I’ll try to fix them as quickly as possibly.