Samurai Wars update 20

The update is now live.

Just to clarify, the user interface is new, but the underlying network protocol still uses GameCenter. I intend to make further networking improvements in coming updates. But for the next update, it’s custom maps.


I’ve now had a few online games with the new update. Although it’s possible to find games I’m noticing that the matchmaking is far too unstable. It should just work! But it doesn’t, so I need to go to the bottom of this problem and make it top priority to really fix this.

Samurai Beta 20

Time for a new beta build of Samurai Wars.

In this update I’ve reworked the matchmaking user interface. No more modal GameCenter dialog boxes! It should be much easier to setup matches with more than two players, either using invites or auto-matching or even combination (like invite one player then auto-match another).

Please report any issues. It seems GameCenter is sometimes slow when connecting/matching, and can take up to 10 or 20 seconds to find a matching player from the point where both click Ready. Other times GameCenter get confused and won’t match at all. It sometimes help turning your Wifi connection off and on.

If you haven’t signed up for the beta yet, see

Note: If you’ve signed up with TestFlight but not registered a device, you have to do so before being able to install the beta. Easiest way to do that is to use Safari on your device and go to the TestFlight web site.

Samurai Wars update 20 progress

For the next update I’ve been working on improving the matchmaking interface. I’ve replaced the GameCenter dialog with a custom non-modal one that gives you better control over the matchmaking process. It’s now possible to assign players to a specific team and send chat messages while waiting for players to join.


As always, coding takes longer than planned, there are still some adjustments to make, but there should be a beta in the next few days.