Samurai Wars update 19

A new update is on its way and should arrive in the App Store within a couple of days.

This release should address the network problems that has been causing a lot of weird issues, like enemy armies not arriving to the battle field, invincible enemies, and strange combat results. The problem was that when network latency and packet loss got above a certain threshold the game had trouble keeping units in sync, and got confused who was were so to say. If you’ve experienced such issues in update 18, please test again with the new update and report back here if you’re still seeing problems.

And a as a bonus, I’ve also added a new “Current Rating” leaderboard.

Samurai Wars update 18

The update has been out for little more than a week. There’s the issue with games sometimes not starting (you only see your own units). I’m fixing that one now and will also investigate dropped connections.

Any other bugs and issues? Report here and I’ll take a look.

Samurai Beta 18 build 140109.1

This should be the final beta before release. I think I’ve fixed all sync issues and crashes that have been reported so far. If you find any problems, please report here.

I’ve noticed that the GameCenter invite and auto-match functionality sometimes doesn’t work. This could very well be the Sandbox environment that’s unstable (I’ve seen reports about this from other developers). It seems that going to Settings and switching wireless networking off and on again seem to fix this.