Samurai Beta 18 build 131216.1

A new build is up:

  • Turn-based mode is now working (more or less, some known sync issues to be fixed).
  • Real-time mode has been tweaked, should work OK with 3G or better (but currently lags on EDGE).
  • Player status bar shows all players.
  • Various minor fixes and tweaks.

Game invites should work (most of the time), although I have experienced that it sometimes is slow and unstable. I haven’t been able to track down whether this is a bug or if it’s just the Game Center Sandbox that’s unstable. Further work is needed on real-time networking, especially handling dropped connection and unstable / hight latency connections (EDGE).

Also, note the beta tester registration is a two step process:

  • (1) you need to register an account with TestFlight

AND, if you haven’t done so already:

  • (2) you need to register an iOS device with that account


Latest build is 131219.1. Should be feature complete, but still has some network issues (reported in comments below).