Progress Report – Scenario Editor

The map making process has been a real pain, using an awkward combination of Photoshop and not-so-user-friendly GIS tools. I know many of you are asking for more maps, but it’s simply not possible to do without the right kind of tools. So I’ve decided that it’s about time to do something about this. It’s time to do a proper editor.


The map/scenario editor is available on GitHub, as part of the openwar platform that is the underlying engine for Samurai Wars. It’s in the early pre-alpha stage, and you need a Mac with Xcode in order to run it. But I hope that it will evolve into something useful in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned…

Samurai Wars version 12 released

Version 12 is now available in the App Store (I’m dropping the 1.0 prefix, it just feels kind of silly). The chat is now operational. In case you encounter further stability problems or bugs, please report them here.

I’ve been working on a map editor and scenario scripting support. It will be available as an open source project that runs on Mac/Windows. So if you’re interested in making your own scenarios, let me know.