Samurai Wars 1.0.9 released

Changes in this version:

  • Added solo practice mode.

Note: Don’t get too excited about the AI, it’s not that intelligent and intended function as your sparring partner rather than a worthy opponent. The next update will get a facelift. I’ll be focusing on getting the graphics not-so-dull, improving the terrain visualization in order to support more hilly maps.

Oops! Online play was accidentally broken in this version. An updated that fixes this has been submitted and should be available shortly.

Samurai Wars 1.0.8 released

There’s finally a new version out. Changes in this version:

  • Split screen when playing in offline real-time mode.
  • Added perspective view of the battlefield.

Note: This is not really true 3D yet, although it is a step in that direction. From a user experience standpoint, the perspective view makes sense though, as you’re able to see the details of nearby units and get an overview of distance units at the same time. It’s a better visualization that shows the right information at the right level of detail. That is not possible with a 2D view (or even the isometric view commonly used by RTSes). The main drawback with 3D is that the camera can become harder to control. I’ve tried to solve this ┬áby thinking away the camera. As a player, you shouldn’t be concerned with managing the camera. Many games out seem to get this backwards. This is a board game, and you should manipulate the board itself, and not be worrying about camera control. Hope it makes sense.

stay tuned for more updates,